Cordless Grease Guns

A Cordless Grease Gun Comparison

If you are looking for a cordless grease gun, then you know how challenging this task could be. And because of this, a lot of people are actually looking for a cordless grease gun comparison chart.

This is quite expected, truth be told. With the apparent numbers of variety on the market today, it is already given.

But luckily, this post will help you in your search for the Cordless Grease Gun Comparisonbest cordless grease guns of today. By reading this article, there is no doubt that you will be making better decisions with your next grease gun purchase. In fact, you could even find the top rated grease gun of today!

A Quick View on The Cordless Grease Gun Comparison

Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

If you are aware of the existence of cordless grease guns, then you know that the best ones are made by Lincoln.

Of course, there are a number of other cordless grease gun options out there for you.  And Lincoln may provide it for you. In fact, their positive reviews speak for itself.

Using Lincoln Grease Guns

Thus, quickly lubricating rig equipment has now been made possible thanks to these battery-operated cordless grease gun

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot handle a bit of hard labor here and there. The use of this type of grease gun just means that you can now work smart. And it just makes perfect sense to skip the manual pumping of grease by using rechargeable batteries.

For those working as a professional oiler on big cargo ships, the use of this type of grease gun comes in handy. If you must apply grease in tight quarters, you get more convenience in using your own cordless grease gun.

Therefore, it all boils down to working smart and convenient. If these are two things that you need from your grease guns, then you should consider getting this type of grease gun.

Furthermore, if you also have a manual grease gun with you, then it is time to get an upgrade and go with cordless battery-operated grease guns.

Features and Inclusions

Lincoln lubrication grease guns, like the Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun, highly recommended because of the excellent reviews. Normally, they receive these praises across users both professionals and amateurs.

They ensure to let you work on your lubricating task in a more efficient manner. The development of manual grease guns to cordless grease guns is akin to the development of a screwdriver to a power tool.

Each of their products come with the gun, charger, battery, and a portable case. The battery takes an hour to be fully charged.

This grease gun also comes with adjustable pressure settings. The full use of the battery enables you to use more or less 8 to 10 grease packs. This is quite a lot already.

All in all, consumers admit that the gun being cordless has helped them be more productive and has made their lives that much easier.

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

For the second part of this cordless grease gun comparison post – comes this pistol grip variant of a grease gun.

This is another type of grease gun that is highly recommended because of its many attractive features. In terms of making it easier for you to prime and load your grease gun, this type of grease gun can do that for you with its enhanced plunger design.

If you have been struggling with properly priming your grease guns, then this grease gun is the best option for you.

Features and Specifications

Its 400-cc chamber is capable of delivering an ounce of grease per 40 strokes at exactly where you need it. Just looking at the size of this chamber, you will not have to worry about refilling your grease anymore.

Also, it comes with an extension pipe with an 18” house as well as a coupler. Having this pipe allows you to lubricate hard to reach or tight areas. However, it may be challenging to contort the hose that it comes with to your desired position.cordless grease gun

Nonetheless, its advanced pistol grip is the highlight to this grease gun variant. And it is the reason why you can keep better control of the amount of grease that goes out of your gun. It also features a knurled barrel that helps you increase your grip even when the grease gets messy.

While this grease gun comes with a dual position system, the loader may be kind of awkward to use. It also comes with a bleeder valve and a bulk filter valve in which the latter can just be a waste of time to use.

Even so, this grease gun weighs only 2.6 pounds making it lighter. Nonetheless, you can seldom rely on this product for tougher and heavier lubricating tasks. It is, however, reliable for general lubricating purposes.

Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

To end this cordless grease gun comparison post, Alemite grease guns may come last but definitely not the least.

Apparently, the Alemite 500-E grease gun is the best grease gun option for you when it comes to carrying out average daily tasks.

This may include tasks from industrial, marine, and automotive applications. (Which is why you would see industrial grease guns too!)

Features and Specifications

One of the best features of this gun will have to be its solid body. It also comes with a loading system equipped in three ways that is easy to use and can take a 14-oz standard cartridge and a 16-oz bulk cartridge.

Being versatile is one of the top qualities that this grease gun has to offer. However, without any bleeder valve, it would be impossible for you to change cartridges while using this tool.

Also, you will have a hard time cleaning its chamber. Nevertheless, its gun head that is made of heavy aluminum offers both lightweight and durable features.

Another good thing about this grease gun is that its lever handle comes in a grip material made of vinyl that is specifically hand-molded to provide you with better control. Its simple level mechanism is not that complicated to use while making sure to provide you with reliable and accurate grease dosing.