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Dewalt vs Lincoln Grease Gun Comparison

If you are looking for a reliable DeWalt vs Lincoln Grease Gun comparison post, then this piece might help you.

Apparently, many people are today are having difficulties when choosing brands and types of grease guns. And usually, there are only two names that you would often see and hear from actual consumers. These are the DeWalt and Lincoln grease guns.dewalt grease gun comparison

So, if you are weighing your options between the two, then continue to read on. But, if you want to learn first the other top-rated grease guns of today, you may check this post before proceeding.

Grease Guns In A Nutshell

A wide range of machines and equipment are used at home and in several industries. However, you have to make sure to also keep them well-maintained. And one best way to do this is to apply proper lubrication.

Grease guns are the ultimate lubrication tool for the job. In fact, it made lubrication much easier than it ever was. In this present day and age, you can never deny the many benefits that this lubrication tool offers.

No matter how simple or complicated your lubrication task is, you cannot deny the fact that grease guns will make lubrication easier for you in more ways than one.

Now, this article will focus on the many benefits of using grease guns and will let you in on a Dewalt vs Lincoln grease gun comparison in terms of their pros and cons.

Benefits of Using Grease Guns

  • Save money and prevent waste

Before grease guns came to exist, lubricating your vehicle requires a lot of work and a lot of wasted grease. Fortunately, with grease guns today, you can lubricate your vehicle or any equipment in an effective and convenient way.Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun

Grease guns allow you to have full control over the amount of grease you release with every stroke. You are then able to prevent grease wastage. By using grease guns, you will be able to increase the life cycle of your equipment and machines allowing you to save more money in the long run.

  • More accurate and faster Application

Grease guns are capable of doing a more accurate job in just a short period of time. Obviously, you do not want to spend a lot of your time lubricating your equipment.

With grease guns, you can save a lot of your time while being very productive. You will not even have a hard time operating these lubricating tools.

In terms of accuracy and speed, the topic of Dewalt vs Lincoln grease gun always comes into the picture. What follows are a few facts and tips about both grease gun variants to give you a better idea which of the two you should go for.

A Quick Look on the DeWalt vs Lincoln Grease Gun Comparison

  • DeWalt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun

If you are going to be working on heavy-duty work environments, then this is the perfect grease gun option for you. Some of the benefits of using this grease gun are that it comes with a reinforced motor that you can easily control using a variable trigger and a long hose.

This means that you need not be experts in using grease guns for you to expel the exact grease lubricant amount that you need from this lubricating tool.

Another benefit to using this grease gun is that you will be able to rest this gun on any surface that is flat with the no-mar rubber foot that it comes with. Also, it comes with a grease chamber that is big in size. This is very ideal for collecting a good amount of grease lubricating product. Plus, you could even a bulk cartridge with 16 oz capacity.

There is another pro to this gun that unfortunately is considered in some way as a con. And that is the filter screen found in the pump that it comes with.

In terms of being a pro, this screen helps prevent contaminants and dirt from accumulating in the pump. In terms of being a con, however, this screen can be a pain since you have to have it regularly cleaned for the prevention of blockage.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Fortunately, cleaning does not require a lot of effort on your part. Although, you have to have its chambers removed. And again, doing so can mean risking yourself from spilling grease. This usually happens when you do not practice the necessary dewalt comparison

Its air bleeder valve, however, enables you to quickly change the grease cartridge. And it does not let you waste a lot of your time. But then, you have to be careful yet again or it may open by itself causing your grease gun a loss of pressure.

Is it worth it?

All in all, if you want efficiency and durability, then the Dewalt-manufactured grease gun is a pretty good choice. It is considered a best-selling cordless-type of grease gun for those reasons just stated above and more.

Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

For the second part of this Dewalt vs Lincoln grease gun comparison, this is where the Lincoln lubrication grease gun comes in.

This is the perfect grease gun option if you must change your manual grease guns with a more advanced grease gun. It is often considered as a great beginner kit for garage or shop use.

This bundle comes with a lubrication Lincoln 1162 grease gun that is air operated, a lubrication 5883 slotted coupler angled at 90 degrees, and a lubrication G160 grease gun holder all manufactured by Lincoln.

Advantages and Pros

One of the benefits to using this type of grease gun is that it is one hundred percent automatic. It also comes with a trigger system which operates on variable speed. With this feature alone, you can choose to utilize this grease gun continuously or use it in making single shots.

Accordingly, this makes this particular grease gun tool pretty much convenient in doing bigger jobs.

Another benefit to the use of this grease gun is that it comes with a full warranty good for one year in terms of its workmanship and materials. The provision of this particular warranty is what makes the Lincoln grease gun products among the most popular grease guns the world has to offer.

Drawbacks and Cons

One of the downsides of using this particular grease gun will have to be that it can get a bit sensitive. Apparently, you may end up dispensing a lot of grease lubrication product.

This particular issue, however, can be resolved with a bit of practice. When it comes to its coupler and its holder, they both come in high quality materials that can easily hold any suction gun or grease.

Also, it can be mounted to any type of surface. The only downside to either parts of this grease gun will have to be that its holder can get a bit tight in terms of fit to the barrel of this grease gun.

In summary, this is the perfect grease gun option for you if you want a better manual-operated grease gun that comes with a wide range of features.