Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun

Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun Review

A very well-made lever action grease gun is the Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun. It does simple and clean lubrication which is extremely useful for any technician out there.

And if you are looking for something like this, then you might want to check this review. But, if you are interested in getting to know grease guns first, this post might help you.

But even so, if you are all ready to make your purchase, reading this review post might help you make your decision.

The Lincoln  1131 Grease Gun Review

The Overview

Apparently, the Lincoln 1131 Grease Grease Gun sports an 18” whip hose with coupler and a 16 oz. bulk with 14.5 oz. cartridge.

The actual length of the tool is 15.5” which is standard for a lever-action grease gun. Its appealing design and structure make it very comfortable to use. However, the color choices are very limited, but should not concern any technician even the slightest.

The grease gun has a metallic cast pump head for added durability and strength. It can withstand the harshest lubrication environments without any unlikely grease leakage.

What made this grease gun comfortable to use is actually on its jam-proof T-handle toggle mechanism. Many of the users have never experienced any binding or accidental bending of the plunger. The cartridge loading and reloading system are also very convenient.

Operation and Usage

Lincoln 1244 Grease GunIt is smooth and allows superior sealing. The grease capacity of the cartridge storage is more than enough to do an entire lubrication job.

A single car may take up two cartridges of grease to complete but with this grease gun, a single one may do. The hose that comes along with the product is sturdy enough to endure most lubrication jobs, even in the tightest grease fittings.

Other than the things mentioned, the product is also very easy to assemble. The parts were securely packed so you can be assured of the good condition when it arrives in your property. The screws were already in place but you may need to do some unscrewing to attach some of the parts, such as the coupler.

Overall Convenience

This is probably the most convenient to use lever-action grease gun many users have ever owned to date. It has a rubber handle which provides more convenient grip.

Many are used to the lever-type grease guns but they thought of giving this product a try. In fact, many wished they made the decision sooner.

Its priming is super fast, a lot faster than any other grease guns. Once the tube is inserted that came along with the tool and squeezed the handle, they already heard the crackling of air coming out from it.

Once the air is out, the grease comes out smoothly every time they squeeze the handle. Just make sure you attach the tube properly. Then, patiently wait until all the air is burped out to ensure good priming.

It can be a bit of a struggle at the beginning but the operation becomes smooth afterward. Many of the users never had any interrupted pumping actions so far. It can produce 1 oz. per 33 strokes.

Ergonomic Design

The handle is also pretty solid and free of play. A lot of the users were used to experiencing impressive mess with my other grease guns but this one is definitely time-saving.

Its precision-fit and hardened plunger prevent any lubricant bypass. And these features help resist scoring and preserve the tool condition.

Many of the users are experiencing less messy lubrication jobs after they used the Lincoln 1133 grease gun.

The maintenance of the grease gun is even made easier because the cartridges can be easily plucked out. Wiping the interiors of the grease gun won’t take so much time, especially if you get the hang of it.

Lincoln Grease Guns

First-time users of lever-action grease guns are highly recommended to try out the Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun.

Lincoln has several other models but this one should be a good start for amateurs. Lincoln is already an established company and has made a good reputation in manufacturing high-quality grease gun.

The Lincoln 1133 is no exception to their reputed Lincoln 1133 Grease Gunmanufacturing. This grease gun is very popular to many mechanics due to its easy-to-use features, especially the greasing itself. Lubrication jobs have become easier with its self-priming feature.

Many of the users experienced zero air bleeding even for several hours of continuous usage. This is not usual for most grease guns. The Lincoln 1133 can be used without an electric outlet due to its battery-powered motor.

It has a high capacity battery that can boot up the device for several hours. The battery is replaceable once fully consumed.

Affordability and Price Point

The best reason why first-time users should get this grease gun is its affordability.

Investing money in high-end grease guns without any concrete knowledge about its performance from certified users is a big no.

The Lincoln 1133 grease gun offers both quality and affordability. A lot of first-timer grease gun owners already expressed their satisfaction with this model.

Why You May Need This

High-intensity lubrication jobs, however, may need a more powerful grease gun. But, this one would suffice in most standard lubrication practices. Accessories can also be added if you wish to tweak the parts of the grease gun.

The Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun is said to be designed for rough treatment on the job and is impervious to a lubricant.

Many users gave it a test on their old vehicles and it works perfectly so far. Some of them purchased a separate fitting as an accessory to use for other cars since the tube that came along the product isn’t workable on the situation.

A few first-time users did take some time on the coupler. They said that it was a bit over-tightened and they had to use a vice grip to break it loose. Nonetheless, the quality of the coupler is superb.

It may take a while to set-up the first time but it gets faster in time. There is an instructions manual that comes along with the packaging anyway in case you need help.

With the first-rate quality of this grease gun, you would not think about the price, although the price tag isn’t that much for a lever-action grease gun.

What many users love most about it is the easy accessibility to the valve. It’s super easy to clean because you will not have to disassemble the entire device. This is definitely a must-have in any workman’s shop.

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