Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun Review

The new Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun is here and it packs more durability and performance than its predecessors.

So, if you are looking for a top-rated grease gun, then you might want to check this product out!

A Quick Look On The Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun

It can endure the harsh environments of lubrication thanks to its cast aluminum head and encased piston assembly. You can really observe the unique and beautiful design of this grease gun at first glance.


Some of the verified owners of this grease even stated that they were hesitant to purchase it because it looked expensive.

The Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun has a superb build quality at a reasonable price. You would not think that such a classy-looking grease gun would price this low.

Its cast head is made of high-durable metal that can withstand strong pressure, including sudden blows. Accidental drops should not be something to worry about anymore. It is also highly resistant to rust which makes it possible to be stored even in open areas.

Convenience in Usage

Apart from the added durability, the Lincoln 1134 is also very convenient to use. In fact, it is the most comfortable grease gun any user has ever used even for long hours. Many of the users have attested to this and even made remarks on how they can do their lubrication jobs for several hours without the numbing. Its special pivot angle is strategically adjusted to improvise grip.

Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun

In addition, its handle return mechanism is flawless. Most of the users have never experienced any jamming so far, which is very common to other grease gun models. A user reported using the grease gun for three straight hours and it worked perfectly. There were no interruption and zero grease leakage.

The grease smoothly comes out of the grease gun even with a soft press on its handle. This makes one-handed operation very optimal in using the tool. The build quality of this model is also exceptional.

Setup and Preparation

A lot of the users made comments about the first-time use of this grease gun, especially on how to load and prime the said tool.

During the first use, the priming screw near the top must be opened. The grease gun was quite hard to prime the first time but it all went well right after some adjustments to the priming screw. Just remember not to remove the screw all the way.

The priming became really quick when you get the hang of it. It has probably the fastest priming they’ve had on a grease gun to date. It really does its job in releasing the air out. Even if the grease gun is not used for a few days, the grease still comes out smoothly every time the handle is compressed.

Package Inclusions

The product includes a heavy duty 18” flexible hose with coupler, which is a good deal, considering most perks for other grease gun products only include a shorter hose, and also a rigid 4” tube.

The coupler functions very well, especially right after loosening the knurl. It can be detached easily from the zerk fitting and the reattachment is pretty easy as well. So far with the whip hose, it works just how it should.

It is rated to develop up to 7500 PSI which is just above standard for most modern grease guns. The tube is quite sturdy and has a narrow opening. It is tightly installed but can be smoothly removed for cleaning.

You can also add accessories on the device such as a 90-degree fitting, which some of the users did.

The tube that comes along with the package has a fixed circumference which is why reaching to tighter fittings for lubrication can be quite difficult, if not impossible.

This is the reason why purchasing additional accessories for the grease gun is a must for some. However, for standard lubrication jobs, the grease gun per se is already outstanding.

The change in some of the detachable parts will not reduce the performance of the product. Lincoln also sells separate accessories for grease guns so you might want to consider those first.

The company has dedicated itself to manufacturing high-quality equipment for repair and maintenance of machineries. Many mechanics have already placed their trust in this manufacturer.

Storage and Maintenance

Many of the users would suggest taking the cartridge outLincoln 1134 Grease Gun and wipe clean the plunger and tube. But, you do not have to do this if you are using the Lincoln 1134 grease gun on a daily basis.

The safekeeping mechanism can be quite messy but it can help preserve the quality of the tool. The size of the grease gun allows the user to store the tool even in safety boxes.

You will have more space in your garage for other tools because this grease gun won’t take too much of it.

Durability and Sturdiness

A lot of the satisfied users made remarks on the extreme durability of the device. Some have even experienced accidentally dropping the grease gun from a sustainable height and yet the grease gun remained unscathed.

The metal casing of the tool improves its durability for more than twice its predecessors. It is also long-lasting, especially with proper maintenance.

The Verdict

Overall, many of the users had a pleasant experience with the Lincoln 1134. This is definitely a must-have tool for any technician out there. It’s an extra heavy-duty grease gun that can work even on the harshest environment.

The chances for unnecessary grease leakage are very slim, especially if the priming is done right. If you are considering getting this tool online, you can be guaranteed with fast delivery since the manufacturer is known for it.

The packaging includes the main parts of the grease gun and some replacement parts but is usually differs per distributor. Moreover, the parts are not yet assembled so you will have to do it on your own.

Most of the users did not have a hard time doing so. An instructions manual is also included in the package for the benefit of first-time pistol-grip grease gun users.

For the price tag, this tool is more than worth it. This is the definitely the grease gun many mechanics would recommend having.

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