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Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun Review

If you have set aside a serious amount of money to get a top-performing grease gun, then you should be like them and go for the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun. This new addition to the Lincoln grease gun series is a huge leap to the mechanic industry.

Do you love going down and dirty in doing garage work? If you do, then you know how important it is for you to be able to have a reliable pneumatic grease gun.

This is what many of the users feel and this is why they will forever be grateful for its existence. The use of this particular type of grease gun allows the user to control the flow and quantity of grease that goes out of the tool.

Many users may have used the manual grease gun for quite a long time, but to tell you, nothing compares to making use of pneumatic grease guns.

And if these all fit you, then you may want to check the new Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun now.

A Quick Look on the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun

By and large, the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun is an upgraded version of its predecessors. Plus, it still packs the same comfortability and affordability.

Its stylish finish will make you wonder how such a tool is Lincoln 1162 Grease Gunused for messy lubrication jobs. It has a rubber handle for a comfortable grip, just like the previous models. The main upgrade to the Lincoln 1162 is probably its priming feature. It has much faster priming than its previous model.

Most of the users experience full priming in just a few seconds after attaching a new grease cartridge. Other than that, the grease gun offers zero grease leakage when not in use. This makes lubrication jobs less messy.

Since you are investing your hard-earned money, why not use it on something that can make the job of lubricating machines and machine parts easier on your part?

If this is your profession, then you should consider getting this particular type of automotive grease gun that you can easily adjust.

What Makes It Different?

The thing about Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun that really sets it apart from other grease guns will be its accuracy. It comes with a trigger part that will let you control how much and how you want your grease to be applied.

Its hose is also flexible which means it can reach different types of fittings, even very narrow ones. The hose along with the coupler is already included in the package. So, purchasing separate parts and accessories for the grease is no longer necessary.

Some of the users, however, decided to buy additional accessories in order to fulfill intense lubrication jobs. The parts of the grease gun are detachable so tweaking it a bit should not be a problem.

Does It Experience The Same Concerns of Pneumatic Grease Guns?

The pet peeve with other air operated grease guns will have to be the fact that they easily create air pockets inside of your container. Although it might not be that big of a deal among average grease gun owners, it would be another story with regular grease gun owners.

You see, these air pockets can lower down or even stop the discharge of grease in a variety of cases. This kind of problem is what you call priming or air bleeding.

With the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun, you will never have to worry about this type of problem anymore. With its 30-feet hose pumps and broad pump design, it releases grease at high-speed that makes no more space for these so-called air pockets.

Is It Easy To Use?

There are no other grease guns that can achieve zero air bleeding. First-time priming may take some time to complete but it will get faster with succeeding uses.

According to most users, this grease gun is the easiest to prime among other grease guns out there. Lincoln really stepped up in the priming feature of their grease guns which is a huge factor in their product marketability.

Many of the users experienced zero grease leakage in most of their lubrication jobs. Even reaching the impervious fittings without any leakage is possible with this grease gun. For most users, this grease gun is highly satisfactory due to its easy priming and little to no-mess lubrication.

How Much Power Does It Provide?

The long pump and hose let you get 150 pounds per square inch of minimum ratio. You can easily pump at the maximum pressure of about 6000 pounds for every square inch.

If you have this kind of range, you can get on in dealing Lincoln 1162 Grease Gunwith different lubrication applications. These include complicated tasks like lubricating engine parts as well as the basic ones like loosening nuts.

These are some of the reasons why many of the grease gun users will have to say that the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun is one of the best grease gun tools in the current market.

Lincoln 1162 vs Other Lincoln Grease Guns

There are also many other grease gun models from the manufacturer. But, if you are still thinking about which one to get, this grease gun model should be a good start.

You can further explore your options afterward, but surely, this grease gun will do the work for you.

It can perform high-intensity lubrication jobs with ease. Many of the users are already satisfied with the product. In fact, most of them are not planning on replacing their Lincoln 1162 anytime soon.

The durability of this grease gun is on top of the line. It can withstand accidental drops and strong pressure. It is also highly resistant to rusting.

The Verdict

Overall, many of the users find using the Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun very easy and powerful to use.

This is a must for regular grease gun users with its high power and capacity to provide a continuous flow of grease.

Compared with the time it took other users to use other manual pump guns, many of them only use a fraction of that time in lubricating a front end using this new grease gun.

The safekeeping and maintenance of this grease gun should not take too much time as well which many of the users find very convenient. First-time users should be able to proficiently use this device right away because of its user-friendly design.

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