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Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun Review

An Introduction to the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun

Many mechanics were looking to upgrade their manual grease gun with a more advanced one, and so they decided to get the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun. It has been deemed as one of the top-rated grease guns that have graced the market for a while. Compared with the manual grease gun, the grease flow was pretty much consistent and faster, that is at 7000 psi using a 12-volt motor.

Not only is it effective in providing lubrication to the equipment but also it is fully rechargeable. It being rechargeable has given me better mobility upon using this particular grease gun. Instead of the usual plug and play kind of grease gun, this grease gun packs a high-capacity battery that can power up the tool for several hours. This means that there will be no uninterrupted lubrication jobs for several hours. The recharge time is not very long as well.Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun

Many of the users find this feature very convenient, especially in reaching almost unreachable fittings. It is also very useful during power outages. The device can even be used while charging although many users would not recommend doing so. With regards to the design, the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun is an absolute beauty.

Its metallic casing with a rubber grip boosts not only its aesthetics but the durability as well. Although the color choices are limited, it should not concern any mechanic. It has a user-friendly structure which is good for first-time users. Upon receiving the product, the grease gun has to be assembled first. It contains the standard parts of a grease gun so to those who already have owned a grease gun before, the assembling process should be pretty easy. An instructions manual is included in the package anyway for guidelines.


Before I will be getting into the details of the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun, I will let you in on some of the claims that this grease gun has as per manufacturer. Basically, this grease gun is considered top of the line. It is made to take care of the more professional and serious lubrication tasks. It is different from working with manual grease guns with its being battery-operated. Its 12-volt power is very powerful that it can generate more than 6000 psi of operating pressure.

Even if they make use of batteries for their power, you will just need an hour of your time to fully recharge them. And these one-hour-charged batteries can take as long as 3 tubes of grease of usage. It is the best grease gun to use for fittings that are difficult to reach. You will not have to worry about getting worker fatigue because they make routine lubrication tasks all that much easier and faster. A lot of the users have stated that they find using the grease gun very light, although it is much of a lightweight tool. It can be operated using one hand without the possibility of shaking. The grease gun does not vibrate when the grease is being released.


The Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun comes with a battery charger as well as a heavy-duty carrying case. It comes with the following additional features.

• High-capacity 12-volt NiCad batteries
• Planetary gear drive
• Powerful 12-volt motor
• 2” final drive needle bearings
• Machined and hardened piston
• Locking follower rod
• Plated steel barred with flip-over follower
• Outlet opening 7/16” UNEF
• Bleeder valve
• Accessible check valve

Personal Experiences

Lincoln 1244 Grease GunNow, here are some things people have to say about Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun from personal experience. As mentioned earlier, this is the usual second grease gun purchase after their manual grease gun for most users. With the first grease gun coming from Lincoln that lasted for about 8 years, they still decided to get a more upgraded one from the same manufacturer. Until this day, they are always happy with the grease gun purchases from Lincoln.

In their opinion, Lincoln just makes the best grease gun lines the market has to offer. Many of the users are heavy machinery users which means they have to do professional grease work for machines every single day. They easily run out of patience using tools that will waste my time and money.

This is why they will always buy and go back with Lincoln. If you want the best, there is no better grease gun to get than that which Lincoln manufactures. They might be a lot of other grease guns out there but this is certainly one of the best ones according to the users. A lot of the users also attested to the durability of the product.


Other than withstanding the harsh environments of lubrication, it can survive accidental drops. The build quality of the grease gun is top of the line. Many users considered the upgrade due to the added durability of this new model. Lincoln really stepped up in creating this newer model of a grease gun. What the previous models lack are developed in this latest model.

A lot of grease gun owners have experienced complete satisfaction on the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun, although new models are rumored to be released sometime in the future.

In Conclusion

Even if they are no longer typically using their first manual grease gun from Lincoln, it is still up and running until this time. Some of the users still find time to go old-school in using their manual grease guns on the farm if there are inklings to do so.

This pistol-type grease can do its job in any kind of machinery and does it with proficiency and less mess. Aside from the convenience in operating the grease gun, its safekeeping is very easy as well.

The parts can be easily detached and cleaning them is not much of a hassle. Because the grease gun is not a big tool, it can be safely stored inside a regular-sized toolbox. Today and in the coming years, they will make sure to use the Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun. Lincoln never fails to disappoint them. Be sure to pick up this grease gun today!

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