grease gun injuries

Preventing Grease Gun Injuries And Accidents

Many of the grease gun users today are not entirely aware of the potential dangers and risks of using a grease gun. In fact, it has been reported that the number of grease gun injuries and accidents today is quite increasing dramatically.

And one of the main reasons behind is that many of its users either do not know the risks or they simply take things for granted. But either way, the risks and potentials of having injuries and accidents are very apparent.

Grease Gun Injuries Today

There are several cases today that involve minor injuries and accidents grease gun injuriesupon using grease guns. And these largely include cuts and scratches. But while they appear as simple and minor instances, the effects can be long-term.

The truth is – there are already situations where amputations have become an option. Also, there are accidents that led to much more serious and fatal situations that not have only affected the user, but also the people around the vicinity.

These unpleasant cases are quite bothersome. Hence, the need for supervision when it comes to using grease guns are now largely implemented to prevent further grease gun injuries and accidents.

Prevention And Precautionary Measures

Many government departments and non-government organizations in recent years have publicized the safety risks involved in using grease guns. And not only that they disseminate these dangers, but they also pointed out the proper observation of safety practices when using the said tool.

In recent years, it has been already mandated by the Department of Labor that all grease guns must be covered with proper seal and cap. Also, there are measures that have been shared in different industries that utilize grease guns.

In addition to these steps and actions, there are brands and manufacturers today that released different grease guns. They offered a much more secure and safe usage. Also, the improvements in management and operation of grease gun have become very visible.

Tips For A Much Safer Grease Gun Usage

However, many users still do not follow these precautionary measures. Even so, employers and supervisors are already implementing proper steps to observe safety and security in the workplace.

As for homeowners and enthusiasts, these precautionary measures also apply. This is why when one purchases a grease gun, there are manuals and instructional materials that are included in the package.

Here are some tips that you can use in order to prevent grease gun injuries and accidents. Remember, prevention is so much better than cure. But while prevention is the actual subject here, if a person obtains a grease gun injury, no matter how small or big, it must be immediately attended by medical professionals.

As for the actual prevention steps, these are the following tips:

  • Ensure that the grease gun is not dirty
  • The grease gun must be free from dirt and debris
  • Unprotected needle points must not be used
  • Use standard fittings and parts
  • Always inspect the grease gun before using it
  • Observe proper maintenance and cleanliness

For more information about grease gun injuries and how to prevent them, here is a video material that you can check: