grease gun operation

The Proper Grease Gun Operation

Do you know the proper grease gun operation?

When you are operating a grease gun, you must know first the features and functions of your grease gun. As it happens, many take these tools for granted as they appear to be very safe and secure devices.

Apparently, grease guns are generally safe. But using it without caution can cause serious injuries and accidents. And while they appear as very safe tools, every user must still respect and follow safety procedures when operating a grease gun.

If you purchase a grease gun, certainly, there is a manual included in the package. This is because every manufacturer is tasked to include the proper grease gun operation and management. And the reason for this is that safety is the number one priority, especially these are tools that are usually utilized in a technical-related industry.

Grease Gun Operation By Types

As you may know, there are four main types of grease guns. And in each type, there is a corresponding procedure on how to use it. Keep in mind that each type has its own features and applications. This is why there are specific ways as well on how to operate the grease gun.

Manual Grease Gun

A manual grease gun can be either a lever type or a pistol-grip type. And these models are normally the common grease guns that you would encounter in a household or a garage.

But while common, these tools can offer pressures that can reach up to 10000 psi. And this is a very significant figure when it comes to pressure. So, proper handling and management must be observed.

Battery-Operated Grease Gunsgrease gun operation

The easiest and most convenient grease gun to operate is the battery-operated type. This is because they can only provide 6000 psi minimum. And in using so, it lessens the risks and hassles to the operator. But even so, it is still important to observe the proper procedures when using this type of grease gun.

Corded Electric Grease Guns

AC-powered grease guns or also known as the corded types are also common to many workplaces. And these tools normally operates up to 7000 psi. And since electricity is largely involved in these tools, the proper grease gun operation procedures must be largely followed and observed.

Pneumatic Grease Guns

Normally, pneumatic grease guns or also known as the air-powered types are the ones that are always seen on sites and fields. This is because they are usually designed for industrial applications. And this means that it operates on a much bigger scale.

Nevertheless, there are brands today that offer pneumatic grease guns that are only rated at 6000 psi.

The Importance of Observing Safety

The importance of being safe when using a grease gun is not a matter of question. Obviously, safety must be well regarded in any case or at any time. And in order to emphasize the safety and security of the user and everyone involved in the area of grease application, one must learn effectively the proper grease gun operation.

In fact, this is the main reason why industrial workplaces have their own lubrication technicians. So, even if you are just using the smallest grease gun of all, you must still know the proper ways to handle and operate the tool to avoid accidents and injuries.

Now, to learn more about grease gun operation, this video might help you out: