Best Grease Gun

The Best Grease Gun

When you are searching for the best grease gun, it can be actually quite challenging. This is because the number of grease guns on the market today is pretty high. In short, there are a lot of variations to choose from.

But even so, you could still find the most appropriate one for you. It’s just that you have to be patient and attentive to the grease guns that you are looking after.

And if you are looking for your best grease gun, then this post is for you.

Looking For The Best Grease Gun Considering All The Important Factors

Just like any product, before you purchase them, you have to know all the factors that affect its overall quality and functionality. And in terms of buying a grease gun, there are several variables as well that affect its overall worth.

When you learn and understand what these are, it will certainly be much more convenient on your part to decide which among the grease guns of today is the best one for you.

But even so, this post will not only tackle all the essential details and factors. In fact, we have included as well the comparison of some of the most popular grease guns on the market today.


One of the most important aspects to regard is the durability of the grease gun that you are choosing.

This is only fitting since grease guns are not entirely Grease Guncheap. And they will surely make you shell out a few tens and hundreds of dollars. So, it is just practical and wise that you get to know how durable these grease guns are. Besides, what’s the point of spending if you cannot invest in it, right?

When you are considering the durability of the grease gun, you have to look for the materials used in all of the grease gun parts.

Looking at the 1056-SE4 Alemite Grease Gun, it is stated that this is one of the most durable and heavy-duty grease guns of today. It actually uses a die-cast steel in its head. It also features a zinc plating which makes it resistant to corrosion.

As for Lincoln, their grease guns have impact and stain resistance applications. In addition, they all feature a high-strength composite body. Hence, they are pretty durable even without sacrificing weight. A perfect example of this is the Lincoln 1844 Grease Gun.

You may want to check the DeWalt Cordless Grease Gun 18V or 20V as well. These grease guns are pretty durable too in terms of its system mechanics. But the durability of its casing and outer plating, the specifications are unknown.

And of course, the Milwaukee grease guns. There is actually a reason why this brand is taken as one of the top-rated grease gun brands of today. If you are to check their products, you would see that durability is one of their best features. However, the exact materials used in their core and structure is also unknown. So, that will have to be a slight drawback for the product.

Power Ratings: Electrically-Powered Grease Guns

The power rating of a grease gun is a very important factor to regard. This plays an important role in the speed and efficiency of lubricant application.

Accordingly, when you want a much faster application, you have to look beyond manual grease guns and focus more on electrically-powered types. And they can be either a corded or battery-powered cordless grease gun type.

Inspecting the power ratings can be equated into two things: pressure capacity and motor rating. These two features are the main points that you need to consider when checking for the overall power of the grease gun.

In the industry today, the highest pressure capacity is rated at 10000 psi using either an 18 or 20-volt motor. And the only grease gun that has this kind of capacity is the 2646 Milwaukee Grease Gun.

The DeWalt Cordless Grease Gun 20V (same with the 18V variation) is also high-powered. But its power varies depending on the type of lubricant. The total pressure that it can provide is in between 6000 psi and 10000 psi.

The same is true for the only pneumatic grease gun in this post, Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun, as it can provide a total of 6000 psi.

Power Ratings: Manual Grease Guns

Nevertheless, you are still free to choose a manual type. And this is the best grease gun for you if you will just use the grease gun for simple lubricating tasks like DIY projects or car-maintenance chores.

And if you think that a manual grease gun will fit according to your needs, then you may look at either the Lincoln 1133 Grease Gun or the Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun. Both tools can deliver up to 1 ounce of lubricant per 33 strokes. And the only difference between the two is its operation process. The 1133 model is a lever type. As for the latter, it is a pistol-grip type.

But for a more powerful manual grease gun, the Alemite grease gun along with the Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Grease Gun fits the tee since they can dispense 1 ounce per 16 strokes.

Priming Concerns

The best grease gun should not have any priming issues or concerns. Most of the time, the pump priming aspect is normally an issue for most grease gun products. And this is not entirely acceptable, especially when you want to have the best tools. It will only cost you time and effort. This is also the reason why some grease guns have a self-priming feature to provide convenience and efficiency to the users.

Among all the grease guns in this post, the Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Lincoln grease guns are the only ones that explicitly share their priming features on the market.

According to actual users, Milwaukee and DeWalt are the only brands that provide either a great priming ability or an effective self-priming feature.

As for the Lincoln grease guns, their efforts on improving the priming processes of their grease guns are very notable in the industry. However, there are still recurring issues and concerns regarding this aspect.

Type of Operation

If you are new to grease guns, you should know that there best grease gunare actually 5 types of grease guns. So, the best grease gun would not only depend on the functionalities and features of the tool, but it will also depend on where you will use the grease gun.

The manual types of grease guns are the lever and pistol-grip types. They are normally utilized by people who do simple and easy lubricating tasks. These tasks would normally include DIY projects and other ordinary lubricating chores. And the most fitting ones to get when you want a manual grease gun are the Lincoln 1133, Lincoln 1134, 1056-SE4 Alemite, and Bravex.

A more advanced type of grease gun that is normally used in much more complicated and wider lubricating tasks is the electrical-powered grease guns. These tools can be either a corded or a battery-operated type.

The Lincoln 1244 Grease Gun is actually one. But, in comparison to the other electric grease guns in this line, this one from Lincoln has the lowest motor and battery capacity. Its motor is rated at 12 volts and it is powered by its 12V Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries.

The ones that have 18-Volt capacity batteries are much more accepted in the commercial setting. These grease guns are the Lincoln 1844 and DeWalt 18V. And between the two, DeWalt is much more trustworthy and reliable when it comes to the quality of the batteries. Keep in mind that DeWalt is well-known for its battery technology.

But, if you are looking for the best grease gun that has a battery capacity of 20 volts in totality, then you might want to check the DeWalt 20V and 2646 Milwaukee grease guns. These are typically seen on much larger scales of lubricant applications.

As for the fifth type of grease gun, it is the air-operated or pneumatic grease guns. And Lincoln is popular for this since the brand manufactures all types of grease guns. One great example of this is the Lincoln 1162.

Price Range

The price and cost ratings are also important factors when looking for the best grease gun. As mentioned, grease guns are not really cheap products. And you will certainly need to shell out a few tens up to hundreds of bucks.

Even so, there are still those grease gun tools that may come at a very inexpensive price. The Bravex Heavy Duty is one great example to this. Its overall price is only rated below $35! As per some grease gun reviews, this is already a steal considering the quality of the tool. However, the brand is not that really established on the market.

Other inexpensive grease guns that you may check are the ones from Lincoln. Their price range is rated below $100.

As for the mid up to a high range of price points, there comes the Alemite, DeWalt, and Milwaukee grease guns. On an average rate, the costs of their grease guns range from $150 up to $250.

The Best Grease Gun Today

With all these things, factors, and considerations at hand, all of the grease guns listed here are great, efficient, and functional. But, only one of them stands out the most. And this is the 2646 Milwaukee Grease Gun.

Primarily, it is seen as the most durable grease gun in comparison to the others. Secondly, it has a very high and efficient power capacity. Thirdly, the features and specifications of this grease gun are quite on point. In fact, many enthusiasts highly recommend this to both beginners and advanced-level users.

But while this grease gun may come as an expensive and high-end type, its overall build, structure, and quality justifies its worth.

Now, if you want more information about the best grease gun of today, you may check this video: