Understanding Grease Gun

Understanding Grease Gun As A Whole

For some people, having the best and most appropriate grease gun is very fulfilling. In fact, others would even take it as an investment, especially if their careers or jobs largely utilize lubricants. While having the best is good, understanding grease gun, in general, is great.

And if you are in for quick info about grease guns, then you’ve come to the right place.

Grease Guns In General

Well, grease guns are one of the most common tools that you would see in Understanding Grease Gunworkshops, garages, and automobile shops. And this is because these tools are largely used to dispense and apply lubricants.

Today, the number of brands and manufacturers that offer grease guns are quite too many to mention. And if you are to check the market today, you would encounter hundreds of variations. This is why many consumers find it really difficult to locate the best grease gun of today.

Luckily, there are a lot of grease gun reviews in recent times that anyone can consult before making a purchase. But even so, there are different variations, classes, and types of grease guns. But this should not intimidate you, especially if you are new to the world of grease guns.

Understanding Grease Gun And Its Parts

Apparently, using them is quite easy. And if you are to subject your lubrication tasks together with grease guns, you will certainly experience tremendous convenience and efficiency.

Basically, the principles of using grease guns are standard. And understanding grease gun is pretty much straightforward. Whatever brand or type of grease guns you intend to purchase and use, the initial processes will just be similar to one another – even if it is the top-rated grease gun of today!

But since there are quite a lot of variations today, there are a few minimal changes that you may need to do to use grease guns. And to further help you on your journey to understanding grease gun, you may want to know first what are the parts and how to generally use a grease gun.

Grease Gun Basic Parts and Features

These are the basic grease gun parts and features:

  • Handle
  • Rod
  • Barrel
  • Grease Tube
  • Head
  • Fixed Hose or Fixed Tube

How To Use Grease Gun Properly

The first step to using a grease gun is to actually remove the head from the barrel and pull the rod from its position. Make sure that you lock it to prevent the rod from pushing inside. Once done, open now the new grease cartridge and insert it on the barrel through the head.

Next, place the head back to its position and secure it. Push the rod back inside until a pea amount of lubricant comes out from the nozzle. This is to force the air out from the tube.

When you notice that air is no longer present, try to press the trigger or lever (handle) until it dispenses a lubricant. And from there, you can now use it. So basically, this is how a normal and ordinary grease gun works.

Here is a quick video for additional information about grease guns: